Discovering the new Commenda

On June 9th, the Promoters of Musei del Mare attended an exhibition dedicated to them at the new National Museum of the Italian Emigration, located in the Commenda of San Giacomo di Prè, spread over three floors and divided into 16 thematic areas.

The museum tells the story of those who, starting from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, left Genoa to approach a journey to unknown lands, leaving behind all certainty.

Additionally, the other main character is the sea: not only as a fiscal element but also as an obstacle to overcome due to its mysterious and unpredictable nature. During the exhibition route, the visitor will be close to the migrants’ personal experiences through biographies and authentic letters, which allows the viewer to create a strong bond with the traveller.

Everything is made possible by the technology used in the exhibition path. It is, indeed, a 2.0 museum. The hosts will receive at the entrance an NFC bracelet that will allow access to all media content once brought close to the media player.

Besides all of these, there’s the host structure. Built during 1180, during the Crusades housed pilgrims who was about to make the sea journey to the Holy Land, and for a long time afterwards, the sick and destitute of Genoa.

A vocation to welcome and tell stories is renewed once again through the establishment of the museum.

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